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  Mercury, Miko and Me: How Holistic Dentistry Healed my Daughter and Saved My Life is an intimate account of Mary Bauer’s journey to understand and reverse multiple health challenges in her daughter and herself by removing her “silver” fillings. Her book does for silver-mercury amalgams what Silent Spring by Rachel Carson did for pesticides. Like Kate Moore's Radium Girls, it shows how a toxic element, which began as the darling of the medical community, ended up harming untold numbers of patients. Unlike that tragic chapter in American history, the author found a way to help her family heal and, in the process, became a radical mother in a conventional culture. 

Mary has been an educator for forty-three years. She spent twenty-five years in public-school classrooms, and the remaining two decades in her private teaching practice. Because of her children’s life-changing experiences with Montessori education, in 2000 Mary and three other mothers founded Ridgeline School, the first K-8 public charter Montessori school in Oregon. She has also been an advocate for safer products and practices in schools, serving on her local district’s indoor and outdoor environmental quality committees. The policies developed there contributed to Oregon’s 2009 Integrated Pest Management in Schools legislation. Mary, Bob, and their two grown daughters continue to live in the Pacific Northwest.